AFR Stands with AG Drummond on Lesser Prairie Chicken Suit

Press Releases
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“AFR stands with AG Drummond and his lawsuit against U.S. Fish & Wildlife in regards to the listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken as an endangered species and the regulations and restrictions that accompany that listing. Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers are the ultimate conservationists; no one knows about best conservation practices for their properties better than they do.

Over the past several decades, Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers have engaged in voluntary conservation programs to preserve prairie chicken habitat. These efforts have proven successful and show great promise for a continued voluntary approach to preserving the prairie chicken’s native range.

Additionally, Oklahoma and the entire southern plains region have experienced significant drought in the past year; now is not the time for further regulation of our industry. Agriculturists must stick together to defend this federal overreach by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and we are pleased to support our attorney general in his effort.”

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